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Rent a boat

Rent a boat / Speedboat

Boat lengh  5m./16 feet with outboard engine 30-HP Operator driving license small boat is NOT required.

Speedboat 8m./25 feet with 260-HP inboard engine. Operator driving license speed boat is  Required.

Water skiing in ELOUNDA

Water skiing & Wake-boarding


•Elounda bay offers optimal conditions for waterskiing and wake-boarding You may expect flat waters and an experienced, patient instructor .
Coaching is also available for those who want to master advanced techniques.




Discover the rare beauty and rich history of Elounda by boat. Whether you want to relax on a lonely beach, snorkel in crystal clear waters, sightseeing Spinalonga Island or enjoy the wild nature of the sea gul islet . Our speedboats will take you there, avoiding the crowds!   

Price list 2019

Th rates include:a VAT 24%

Morning fishing from a boat


Get going down the wake of the boat with your surfboard.

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Petros Kakaroumpas

Royal Marmin bay Eparchiaki Odos Agiou Nikolaou-Elounda -Plaka

For direct booking +30 6945891487


Monday - Sunday 10:00-19:30

April to October 

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About Elounda / Crete


 Elounda    is located approximately 65 km from Heraklion in the Eastern prefecture of the    island of Crete. During your stay in Elounda you can choose between: luxurious    hotels A', B' and C' class, apartments, rooms and pensions. You can visit the    beautiful and historical places of Crete for day trips by bus, rental cars or    bikes. Your stay in Elounda can be enhanced by spending some time exploring    and engaging in activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, watersports,    sea kayking, windsurfing, sailing, climbing, walking and visiting the nearby    traditional villages. All kinds of tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops    are available to satisfy your holiday needs. 

Spinalonga Island

Elounda  is a fully developed resort 

with: Banks, post office, clinic, pharmacy, tourist  police, e.t.c.

  Located    within a sheltered position at the North West of the gulf of Mirambello the    enclosed bay of Elounda is a true paradise of the Cretan sea. Here, the land    reached out its arms and embraced a strech of sea. In this region lies the traditional    village of Elounda. With the picturesque views of clean, blue sea and the nerby    island of Kalidon / Spinalonga, the village offers a breathtaking sight of a    Mediterranean landscape. The Minoan, Greek Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman    Empires have all left their mark on Elounda's heritage. Elounda is host to two    of the most importantant archaeological sites of Cretan history: the relics    of the ancient sunken city of Olous and the Venetian castle on the island of    Spinalonga